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Hair and Scalp Care

Hair Care should never be one size fits all. I have been working 1:1 with clients for the last couple of years to get down to the root and solve their hair and scalp issues through customized products that are all naturally based, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free.

Hair and scalp care
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Why Hair and Scalp Care Matter

Did you know?  Your scalp ages?!

Studies have shown that skin on the scalp ages the fastest – a whopping 12 times faster than the skin on your body or 6 times faster than the skin on your face. Skin experts claim 70% of facial wrinkles are caused by an aging scalp

So the key to slowing down facial wrinkles... skincare, skin treatments AND scalp care!

The key to stunning hair....begins at the ROOTS


A lot of products on the market cause silicone and wax buildup, suffocating our hair strands and follicles; we need to work to remove this buildup, revealing the true hair strand underneath. Oftentimes this process will reveal the true damaged state our hair is in, with the help of result driven products to heal our hair and scalp we can reverse this damage and have the best hair of our lives! 


As damage occurs over time so does the healing process, it doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen. Patience is key here! 


Some common hair/scalp concerns: Hair loss/hair thinning, oily scalp, dry scalp, split ends, breakage, and damage 


For each concern, we can find a customized, unique approach to help repair.

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Hair Consultation

Starting with filling out our hair quiz so we can get know more about your scalp and hair concerns, understand your routines, and the products you are using. We'll also get you to share some photos of your hair, or we can take photos in person. Results happen over time, so before and after photos are essential to watch the progress.


Next, we will create a personalized routine for your scalp and hair needs. The product will come directly to you to ensure it is fresh and quality.

Advanced hair and scalp care
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