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Facials and Skincare

Unlock the secret to radiant skin with Boho Bliss. Whether you're seeking a nourishing facial, a revitalizing chemical peel, or an advanced treatment like mirconeedling, we are here to guide you through a tailored skincare journey, ensuring you are using the right approach for your unique skincare goals.

Facials and Skincare Treatment
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Pre and Post Care

  • It is highly recommended to pretreat cold sores prior to facial / laser services on the face.

  • Discontinue the use of Retinol, Glycolic, other Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Salicylic, Beta Hydroxy Acids or other exfoliation products 7 days prior to your treatment.

  • Discontinue prescription Retinoid products 7-14  days prior to your treatment.

  • Avoid direct sunlight 3-5 days pre-facial.

  • No waxing, electrolysis or chemical hair removal products 7 days prior to treatment.

  • No botox, collagen or fillers for 21 days prior to or after any treatment.

  • Follow our prescribed skincare regime for optimal, long-term results.

  • Come with a clean face, no makeup, minimal jewelry, and wearing comfy clothes.

  • If you want to work out the day of, plan to do so before your appointment.

  • Fill in your online consultation form (found in confirmation email).

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Why do I need facials?

A regular facial routine is more about skin health and maintenance than it is about luxury or pampering, although many do find it to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Facial services help increase circulation and stimulate the skin. They can also help slow down premature aging and drastically improve conditions such as acne, redness and rosacea. Facials are a great preventative treatment to help you prevent wrinkling and can also help you achieve lighter, brighter, younger-looking skin. In addition to healthier skin, many men enjoy regular facials to help minimize irritation, redness, ingrown hairs, and razor burn associated with shaving.

Why do I need a professional Esthetician?

For the same reason doctor and dentist check-ups are necessary: for better health! Skin is a living part of your body (your largest organ, in fact), that defends against environmental stressors. It helps eliminate toxins from the body, and it is continually renewing and protecting. To look and feel its best, your skin needs personal attention from a professional. Boho Bliss features licensed esthetician, Brie Bader who is trained to deliver professional skin treatments that will target your specific needs, and prescribe the products that will help maintain your optimum skin health at home in between facials.

What can I expect at my facial appointment?

Prior to your first treatment you will need to fill out an online form listing contact information, allergies and any medications that you are currently taking. Then I will evaluate your skin, ask you about your goals for your skin, and make a recommendation for skincare products and treatments to help you reach those goals. A facial generally consists of all of some of the following: cleansing, some type of exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage techniques, led light therapy and a treatment mask.

What should I do to prepare for my facial?

You always want to avoid exfoliation or any active skincare products at home 3-5 days before any facial treatment. If you have a topical from a doctor you may need to discontinue use up to 2 weeks before your treatment. Since my facials are designed to work on your skin from the décolleté up, you may want to plan on removing your makeup or pulling long hair back, although a head wrap will be used to protect your hair and a thorough cleanse will be done at the beginning of the facial. Men should be clean shaved unless bearded. Other than these few easy steps, simply be ready to relax and enjoy yourself in our private, comfortable room.

How soon will I start seeing results from my facial?

Some people see results immediately, and your skin should feel different right away. The skin feels clean, smooth, hydrated, and reflects a new level of health that’s visibly noticeable. If the skin has more advanced long-term needs, such as treatment of skin aging, acne or hyper-pigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations or sun damage, results may not be immediately visible; however, skin health will continue to improve as you follow my advice, come for regular treatments, and use a good home-care regimen.

What are the long-term benefits of getting regular facials?

Plain and simple: healthy skin! And healthy skin is better-looking skin. The products I use are designed to help keep skin at an optimal level of fitness – not just cover up with cosmetic results. In addition, when skin is at an optimal level of fitness, I can more effectively address issues that may arise from time to time, as your skin’s needs are constantly changing.

If I get a facial, do I have to use professional products at home?

No, but talk to me about what products you are using. Many products from drug stores or beauty counters contain ingredients that cause or contribute to skin issues such as dryness, oiliness, acne breakouts and redness.

How often should I get a facial?

Generally, facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks. This is based on the skins natural regeneration time frame. As we age this process slows down which makes regular treatments necessary. However, we can discuss your specific needs, desired outcomes and schedule together. Sometimes more regular appointments for a series of 3-6 treatments can be beneficial for different concerns.

What is a “Series” of facials, and why is it recommended?

A series of facials is the best way to jump-start your skincare maintenance, especially if you’re looking for positive results, fast! Facial series are generally offered in a series of three or six. They are performed every 2-3 weeks for consecutive weeks and use a chemical exfoliation (AHA or BHA) such as lactic or salicylic acid. The exfoliation used will be determined by your skin therapist based on your skincare goals and history. Payment is paid in full at the beginning of your treatment. Payment plans are available if necessary.

Can I get a facial while pregnant?

Yes! But be sure to advise your esthetician if you are or may be pregnant, as certain products and techniques may not be used while pregnant.

Can you get a chemical peel while pregnant?

No, the skin is too sensitive and could cause a chemical burn or adverse reaction.

Can you get Microneedling while pregnant?

No, the skin is too sensitive, it is best to postpone until after pregnancy.

Can you get Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning while pregnant?

Yes, you can! Still, be sure to advise your esthetician so we can adjust the suction and passes performed with Microdermabrasion.

Can you get Celluma LED done while pregnant?

On your face, yes. However, light therapy is not recommended for pregnant women to use over their bellies or breasts when lactating.

What facial services can you get while breastfeeding?

Steaming facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and celluma LED are all safe to have done while breastfeeding. Chemical peels and microneedling are not recommended at this time.

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