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Human Design

Understand Yourself, Guide Yourself Through Life

Boho Bliss Human Design Readings
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What is Human Design

Human Design can help validate your feelings and decision-making process by giving you tools to implement into your life. As well as providing an explanation as to why you need certain approaches or amounts of time to best feel comfortable with your choices. There are many aspects to readings, certain aspects of your chart provide specific and general information related to your unique design. No two charts are the same, just as no two people are. The way designs are read supplies us with a chance to experiment with what our design calls for, and to later reflect on whether listening to our design benefits our lives.

My Journey with Human Design


My first reading was intense, introspective, and brought forth a divine sense of connection within myself.  I learned things about myself. Connecting to our design reminds us that we are unique, important, and essential to this world. The true deep way you see your soul can be reflected through your design reading. It provides the perfect validation of who you are and who you strive to be. It can also reveal some aspects of us we need to heal. The lesson I learned within my first reading was that I carry a worthiness wound. The pressure to do things for others before I am worthy of love, acceptance, rewards, etc. I also learned that my design contains the Mother Theresa gate, which is why I desire to provide and serve others in any way I can. Makes sense why I am in this career, connecting, serving, and caring for my clients daily. Embracing your design can take a weight off your shoulders and bring a new perspective to your life, and your journey.


Since then, I have completed my human design readings level 1 and continue to learn and grow so I can get even deeper with my clientele.

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Human Design Reading

A Human Design reading will dive into your personality and energy aura, allowing you to feel more connected and understood. Possibly providing insight into why you may be struggling to get into your flow or feeling misunderstood within your life. Connecting to yourself is essential.

Information I need to give you a reading: 

  • Birthdate 

  • First and last name 

  • City of birth 

  • Birth time

Human Design Reading
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